What is UK’s Standing in International Education Scenario?

UK houses some of the oldest and famous education institutions of the world. One can date them back to as old as 7th century! This must speak a lot about the credibility of UK and its hold in the current education market. As a matter of fact, this country has been a strong player ever since one can remember. The international education world has been witness to the ever rising popularity of UK and its courses.

Just have a look at certain figures which recently surfaced after a survey conducted on Indian students visiting UK. According to the survey, the number of Indian students coming to UK for study purposes has increased by threefold in 2009 since 2008. This 70% increase in the Indian student population from 24,000 to 44,000 in just a span of one year can be owed to the fact:

• Australia is going down in popularity as the preferred study destination due to recent racism attacks on Indian students
• The popularity of US increasing by just 9.2% increase in Indian students choosing it as their study destination
• The start of PSW or post study work visa programme in UK since 30th April 2008 which allows a student work permit of 2 years after the completion of his course
• Out of 500 world famous renowned organizations of the world, more than 108 are present in London alone which is also known as the financial capital of the world.

One can clearly see that UK has clearly surpassed its contemporaries in the race of emerging leader of international education market. With more reforms coming up the way of UK in the form of a legal battle won against changed visa rules for English language schools in UK and many more expected, study in UK is surely going to be the latest sensation!